Nutrition – Immune Booster Smoothie


Nutrition is a key element to keep dancers on their toes. We all know food fuel our bodies, but what kinds of food are you putting into your body? Is it really energizing you or are you just taking in empty calories?

I am by no means a nutritionist however, I am a person who cares about food. As a dancer who LOVES to eat, I struggled with weigh-ins, kept food journals, and was constantly penny pinching. Like most people I was faced with the decision of a cheap ready-made-meals verses tackling an recipe with fresh foods that might put me over budget. What is a dancer to do? Well, I’ll save you some time and tell you what I did!

1. Get Educated!
There are tons of books, movies, and TV shows, that open my eyes. I’ve read books like In Defenses Of Food and The China Study, watched Fast Food Nation, and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. The more I learned the more shocked I became at what I’ve put into my body. “Knowledge is key”

2. Go Fresh!
If you can’t pronounce the words on box of food you’re about to eat, chances are it’s not good for you. Yes, I know buying fresh can be costly however, I’ve found buying in season or in bulk has saved money. I promise you will feel the difference in your body, energy level, and attitude, in less than a week.

3. Learn to Cook!
In the past my idea of cooking was microwaving. But, one day I happened to watch an episode of Giada De Laurentiis on The Food Network. It literally changed cooking for me. I learned cooking is so much easier than I anticipated. I can control what I’m putting into each recipe and make it healthy. Now that I cook, my husband and I have lost 32 lbs. combined in just a few short months. Basically if you can read, you can cook!

To help you on your way to a healthier dance body I’ve attached link to a fabulous recipe from the Green Smoothie Girl with photos and instructions by the lovely Katie Dudley. Just click on the picture and Enjoy!




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