Who’s Who At The Ballet – At The Studio

School Director:

From the front desk to the studio, the School Director is in charge of how the studio is perceived. Setting and keeping the tone is no easy task. School Directors often spend hours carefully planning, listening, and creating new ways to make their school the best as possible.

School Manager:

The School Director’s business advisor is the School Manager. They are responsible for relaying information and making sure each component of the school is holding up to their standards.


Arguably the most important job in a studio are the instructors. They are educators that pass down the tradition of dance directly to the next generation. Adhering to a syllabus they creatively design lesson plans, and foster growth through corrections and praise.


Pianist are the most common accompanist for ballet classes. Working with the instructor, they create a soundtrack to the class to aid students in achieving tempo, tone, and emotion. Unfortunately, not all studios have live musical accompaniment. Most studios rely on pre-recorded music.


The first face you see when you walk in the door is the studio’s receptionist. They are the go-to-person who knows everything that’s happening around the studio. As customer service gurus they assist in sales, communication, and assist with daily administration needs.