Ballet Dancers Must-Haves

I’ve been on the search trying to find what ballet dancers just can’t live without. My results were so entertaining and informative, that I’ve decided to make the ‘Ballet Dancers Must-Haves’ a continuing series. I hope you enjoy!

Recently I asked the talented Co-Artistic Director, dancer, and costumer, Graham McMonagle, of Canadian Pacific Ballet what were his ballet must-haves. Here’s what he said… 

  • (Embarrassing?) Duct-tape. I sometimes get a corn on my foot, and duct-tape takes it away. 🙂  
  • I love my leg-warmers, a big woolly pair of white ones I made years ago. There’s something that makes me happier having them on or in a heap nearby…   
  • I love worn out MStevens tights, with the feet cut out. I buy them as large a possibleand then let them wear out and look bad… then they feel good. 

And there you have it! Check back for more ‘Ballet Dancers Must-Haves’!