UDMA = Sugar & Bruno

Over the weekend I attended UDMA, United Dance Merchants of America. If you’re a dance instructor, I’m sure you know all about this resource fair and costume show. If your not familiar, UDMA it’s very much a dancer / instructor / shoppers dream. As you enter the double doors to the hall, the energy is high with fantastic dance music pumping over the speakers. From one end to the other, rows of vendors bring the pages of every costume catalog to life. Not only did I walk out with a lot of free swag, but I picked out costumes for all of my classes for this years dance concert


Along with a lot of useful information one of my most favorite finds was Sugar & Bruno. I’ve seen their brand in the media but, this was the first time I saw it live and could check out the quality. As someone who has spent most of my life in tights and leotards I only shop by touch…. so if it doesn’t feel comfy; I’m not buying. Sugar & Bruno did not disappoint. In fact, I found myself driving back the following day to purchase another t-shirt and some accessories. Their clothing line is trendy and inspired by some of the leading dancers and choreographers of our time. Unlike most dance shirts, I will actually wear them. Pictured below are some of my favorite finds. 

Great Dancers Racerback

Keltie Dance Phrase Bracelet – “Dance Like Everyone’s Watching”

Stacey Bird Lace Twisted V-Neck

Ballet Legs Button

Keltie Oversized Plié Tendu Relevé Tee

Like what you see? Check out their online store. CLICK HERE!

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