Sport Beans are for Dancers Too!

Dancing is hard work! Sometimes in the hight of performance season dancers begin to feel tired, wore down, and just plain exhausted. This leads to pushing the limits which can cause injuries. Take for example So You Think You Can Dance  Season 7. The show suffered from a record number of dropout due to injuries. With weeks of performances and schedules many of the dancers had never experienced before, it was clear some were hitting the wall.

So, how do you overcome this exhaustion? Aside from the obvious rest and health eating habits, there is one secrete I’ve learned. Sport Beans! I discovered them during my marathon training. I was reluctant to use any kind of “sport energizers,” but when you’ve got 30 plus miles to run a week, you begin to change your mind. Sport beans are jelly beans specially created by Jelly Belly. They are filled with the essential mix of electrolytes, carbohydrates, and vitamins that help athletes regain fuel. I was impressed by how the beans helped my runs, so I tried them during my long teaching days (which can feel like a 20 mile run sometime). The results were great! I was able to maintain an energy level to get me through night without feeling like I gypped a class due to lack of energy.

Fruit punch is my favorite flavor!All in all, I recommend Sport Beans as a great supplement to help stay energized during  performance week. Especially if you can’t stomach gatorade, those fancy energy bars, or chi seeds. The beans taste great are easy on the stomach. You can find them at any sporting goods store or online. Good luck and remember to dance smart!