Ballet Etiquette Tip #4 – Changing Lines In Center

After barre, students scatter to the middle of the room for center. After quick negotiations, lines are formed and class continues. Just like in sports, no one likes a ball hog, and in ballet, no one likes a mirror hog. It’s only fair for you and your peers to change lines. Most teachers will cue the class when it’s time to change lines, which usually takes place between combinations. However, there is a technique to switching efficiently. In todays etiquette tip, I’ll show you how.
1. Make sure you’re aligned at least an arms length aways from your neighbor. This allows the second and additional rows to place themselves in the windows between people. Now everyone can see themselves in the mirror!

2. After finishing the combination, figure our which side of center you are on. If you’re right of center, then you’ll need to circle around to the right or vice versa if you’re left of center.
3. At this point, the front line splits in the middle and begins to walk along the outside of the group. As the front line shifts, the remaining lines step forward to replace the line in front of them.
4. Now, the dancers who were in the front line have rotated to the back and everyone else has shifted forward.
With this changing line technique, every student will be seen and have a change to stand on the outside and middle of the line.