Ballet Dancers Must-Haves III

Marlowe Bassett is a member of Napoles Ballet Theater and is a notable costume designer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here are her ballet dancer must-haves:

“Here’s what’s in my dance bag right now!”

  • Freed Classic Pro Pointe Shoes, they are as close to special order Freed’s that you can get with out special ordering. 
  • Lambs wool toe pads with gel tip
  • Bunheads: toe gel toe spacers
  • Arnica Gel (for sore muscles & bruises)
  • Balls: which I roll my muscles out on (could use tennis balls)
  • Thumper mini pro: the most amazing electric massage tool. I don’t leave home with out it.
  • Any other massage tools like foot rollers.
  • I must have Jet Glue on hand if dancing on pointe.