Get The Most Out Of Your Summer Dance Classes

Whether you’re just taking classes or attending a workshop, summer is a great time to solidify what you learned during the year. Plus it’s a great time to progress even further while schools out for summer. Here’s a few tips to help you gain that extra edge:

1. Keep a journal – Write down all the corrections you’re receiving from your teachers. That way you’ll have a record of things you need to work on.

2. Video tape class – If it’s okay with your teacher, ask if you can video tape yourself. You’ll be able to see your habits, compare yourself to your peers, and appreciate your strengths. If you can’t video tape your class, try asking a friend to tape a combination your working on after class.


3. Work on your performance – When taking class, treat each combination as a performance. Try to smooth transition steps, play with the energy or movement quality, use your focus, and be confident. 


4. Watch other – Watching dancers you look up to is a great way to get motivated. Whether it’s going to a show or spending time on youtube, the more you watch the more you’ll learn. 


5. Ask questions – If your unsure of a step or what the teacher is describing, ask! You’re probably not the only one with the same question. 


Happy Dancing!