Help, I Can’t Remember my Dance!


Are you having trouble remembering your dance? Try writing it down with Motif Notation! Motif Notation uses symbols for the body, spacial pathways, actions, and energy. Motif Notation stems from Rudolf Laban’s Kinetography also know as Labanotation, which is the written form of dance. It’s like a music staff turned sideways, and describes every movement to a “T”.

This diagram points out the motif symbols used to describe the body.

Motif Notation is a great tool to help dancers document choreography. The symbols allows for quick writing. Plus, your notes will be much easier to read.

This diagram shows the symbols for spacial direction. The line indicates what direction to face.

This is an example of Labanotation. The center line represents the center of the body and the symbols that extend out represent other parts of the body, direction, level, timing, and even partnering.  

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