Custom Leotards

Leotards have come a long way in the last decade. From the fabrics to style, there’s something for every dancer. However if you’re looking for a leotard that’s got more personality, you’ve got to check out In Class Dance Shop

Before the dotcom boom, you could only get their custom made leotards by visiting their store in New York City. Now you can visit them online! Do you feel like leopard print? Polka-dots? Or maybe just your favorite color? Believe me, they’ve got it all. In fact, my favorite leotard of all time is my scull and crossbones with a crisscross back that was made them.

I hope you enjoy!


Buy This For Ballet Class, Not That!

Congratulations, you’ve signed your budding ballerina or ballerino up for class, now what? First things first, time to buy the necessary clothing and shoes. Check with your school prior to venturing off to Target, Walmart, or Sears. Many schools have a specific dress code and can recommend a dance wear store for all of your purchasing needs. Dance wear stores are experts when it comes to finding the right leotard, tights, and shoes. It may be tempting to find a cheap imitation, but there’s a lot to be said about quality when it comes to dance wear.

Every year I have students dressed in attire from a retail store. I can’t deny they are cute, but these outfits are more for play than taking class. Many of the leotards have accents that fall off, tear, or press into the body during exercises and stretches, which can hurt a child. However, the worst part of these outfits are the shoes. These silky slippers are NOT ballet slippers. They are house slippers, and they’re the biggest threat to your child. They fit loose and don’t promote proper foot use for ballet. As a teacher, I can guarantee that students who wear these shoes will slip, trip, and fall within the first fifteen minutes of class. When it all comes down to it, save your money and the tears; buy your child’s dancewear from a dancewear store!


Can’t find a local dance wear store? Try these online stores. If you have questions, there’s always a helpful representative standing by!

Recycle Old Leotards

Favorite leotards are hard to part with, especially when they’re old and comfortable. However, there are ways to extend their life span. It takes creativity and some doctoring skills, but soon those old favorites will be useful again. Just follow these easy steps to recycle your leotard:

Supplies Needed:
Step 1:
Lay the leotard flat.

Step 2:
Using the ruler and chalk, draw a cutting line 2-4 inches above the leg holes.

Step 3:

Use the scissors and carefully cut along the line.

Step 4:

Wear your recycled leotard over another one, for a new look…

Or under, for more support.

Happy Recycling!