Dance Around The World – Chiang Mai, Thailand

For the last leg of my Dance Around The World adventure, my husband and I traveled to the beautiful country of Thailand in Southeast Asia. We spent a few days sightseeing in Bangkok and then headed north to Chiang Mai. I’m not going to lie; now that we’re in our six month of traveling, I’m getting pretty cranky. Although we had just arrived in this charming city, all I wanted to do sit in my hotel room and see what all my friends back home were up to on Facebook. My adventurous husband, on the other hand, couldn’t bear the thought of possibly missing something, so I encouraged him to explore while I immersed myself in social media.

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Dance Around The World – Dancing Through Europe

On April 7th my Eurail pass was stamped, and Dan and I had exactly one month to travel across Europe. Considering all the amazing places to see in Europe, we had to narrow down our list of 18+ countries to just 10 for timing. It was a tough decision, but at least we have a reason to go back and see more later. Because our trip was so quick, sometimes only having a few hours in a city, I wasn’t able to see or take dance classes. However, I was able to film my project. Below is a little recap of my dance/filming adventures through Europe.

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Dance Around The World – Madrid, Spain

What dance form incorporates clapping, stomping, castanets, singing, and guitars? That’s right, flamenco. And where’s a better place to see a live flamenco performance than in Madrid!

For our six days in Spain, Tim (a good friend of my husband and I) joined us. When we were contemplating what to do, I of course said we have to go to a flamenco show. Dan wanted to see the Goya’s Black paintings, and Tim wanted to go to a soccer game. I think the boys were a little leery about going to see a dance performance, but I promised they would love it, as we secured tickets.

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Dance Around The World – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dreaming of my time in Brazil, I thought I would be surrounded by Samba dancing, capoeira, and the beach. Well, after spending a little over a week in Ipanema, the only one of these I experienced was the beach. I guess if you’re not there during Carnival, your chance of experiencing dance is low. So, I began to scout for a dance class. I did find a studio. However, the website wasn’t very informative. Plus, the only class available was a pole dancing class. Although I do appreciate all forms of dance, pole dancing isn’t appropriate for my blog or for me.

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Dance Around The World – Buenos Aires, Argentina

When I think of tango dancing, I think of love and anger; fight and passion; a women dressed in a long sexy dresses with her hair pulled back in a nice slick bun with a man dressed in all black with hair gelled so tight the guys from Jersey Shore would be jealous; and the effortless footwork that moves so quickly you can’t tell who’s leg is who’s. Ahh… so awesome, and I can’t believe I’m in the heart of it all, Buenos Aires!

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Dance Around The World – Mothers of Plaza de Mayo

When my friends and family heard I was going to Buenos Aires, Argentina, they were filled with excitement and immediately mentioned tango. True, it would be perfect for me to experience and write about for this blog, but there was something in Buenos Aires I was more interested in seeing first. “What could possibly be more interesting for this dancer” you ask? The Madres de Plaza de Mayo (Mothers of Plaza de Mayo). You see, I had a history with this plaza without ever seeing it.

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Dance Around The World – Cusco, Perú

Next stop on my “Dance Around The World” adventure, Perú! For years I’ve been wanting to visit Perú to see Machu Picchu. I guess it stemmed from my Mom, a history teacher and enthusiast. Seriously, she’s a walking book of world history. Or possibly it came from my desire to see the all wonders of the world. Either way, Machu Picchu was on my list. I wasn’t counting seeing any dance, but little did I know I would experience a true Peruvian cultural dance experience, Carnival!

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Dance Around The World – Crazy Salsa!

After all the Afro-Colombian dancing I saw in the streets of Cartagena, I was inspired to dance. I knew there had to be dance studio in this city, so when I got home from the last performance, I turned to Google. The internet slowly loaded and translated my search. That’s when I found Crazy Salsa. Clicking on the link, my computer screen danced as one letter at a time popped up making their logo. I happily discovered an icon to translate their website to Spanish or English. I learned they not only taught Salsa but, Afro-Colombian and Colombian too!  I figured they must have spoken English because of the icon, and it seemed meant to be; I needed to take class there. In no time, I composed an email about my project, crossed my fingers, and pressed send.

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Dance Around The World – Antigua, Guatemala

I spent three fabulous weeks in Guatemala, most of which were in the city of Antigua. It’s one of the friendlies places I’ve ever been. Literally, everyone young and old will say good morning, afternoon, or nigh to you. Plus it’s beauty is equal to no other city in Central America.

While in Antigua, I came across dance in the streets, at my Spanish school, and even at a wine shop. Yes, there were dance schools, but it seemed silly to pay when the locals were willing to grab your hand and teach you how to dance wherever you were standing.

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