Pointe Shoe Anatomy

Back Seam – A joining seam that runs vertically in the back of the shoe.

Box – A paper mache, paste, and burlap mixture the hugs around the metatarsals.
DrawstringThe sting found inside the binding to adjust the shoes tightness.
Shank – The stiff narrow sole of the shoe.
Waist Seam – A seam that joins the front and back of the shoe together.
Binding – The strong canvas covering that hides the drawstring.
Vamp –The area from the top of the throat to the platform.

Quarter The material between the waist seam and back seam.
ThroatIs the opening of the shoe at the top of the vamp.
Side Wing Stiff sides of the shoe that embraces the proximal and distal toes.
Platform A continuation of the paper mache, paste, and burlap mixture of the box that is flattened to allow the dancer to stand en pointe.
Pleats Also know as feathers, are the delicate folds of satin on the underside of the shoe.
Outer Sole The sole on the bottom of the shoe.
Elastic Flexible material attached to the inside of the shoe to secure heel in the shoe.
Ribbons Fabric attached near the waist seams to secure the foot to the shoe.
Have you ever wondered how a point shoes is made? This video from, “How It’s Make,” is a great example. Check it out!