Tips for Dress Rehearsals and Dance Concerts

1. Remember no jewelry unless specifically requested by your instructor. This is because bracelets and rings can easily get snagged on costumes and earrings cause reflections; plus not everyone has their ears pierced.

2. No fingernail polish to keep everyone uniform.

3. To keep everyone looking wrinkle free, we insist no underwear under tights.

4. No eating in costumes. I know how hungry I get during a show so I always pack an oversized shirt or robe to coverup my costume.

5. For students in multiple dances, I recommend a nude camisole leotard. This help to avoid feeling uncomfortable during quick changes.

6. It’s always good to bring a small makeup bag and hair supplies in case you need to reapply or fix hair before show time.

7. Pack a snack. We use a lot of energy on stage and off, so it’s always good to have a granola bar and a water bottle.

8. Bring something to occupy students while they wait back stage. Coloring books (crayons only), cards, or something to read is best.