Dance Around The World – Dancing Through Europe

On April 7th my Eurail pass was stamped, and Dan and I had exactly one month to travel across Europe. Considering all the amazing places to see in Europe, we had to narrow down our list of 18+ countries to just 10 for timing. It was a tough decision, but at least we have a reason to go back and see more later. Because our trip was so quick, sometimes only having a few hours in a city, I wasn’t able to see or take dance classes. However, I was able to film my project. Below is a little recap of my dance/filming adventures through Europe.

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Dance Around The World – Madrid, Spain

What dance form incorporates clapping, stomping, castanets, singing, and guitars? That’s right, flamenco. And where’s a better place to see a live flamenco performance than in Madrid!

For our six days in Spain, Tim (a good friend of my husband and I) joined us. When we were contemplating what to do, I of course said we have to go to a flamenco show. Dan wanted to see the Goya’s Black paintings, and Tim wanted to go to a soccer game. I think the boys were a little leery about going to see a dance performance, but I promised they would love it, as we secured tickets.

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